15 October 2007

Boot 'N Paddle - September 28

I was recently looking through the St. Lawrence University archives and came across a great article about Peak Weekend. I’m not sure when this was written, or by who, but I knew I had to share it with you!

Next weekend, like as not, is Peak Weekend.
Many’s the time that St. Lawrence students have hiked their tails off campus, possibly owning courage to some concoction of mountain dew, to try their luck at ascending a mountain by way of ankle express.
For those out there as sorry as owl bait, close only counts in horseshoes (and hand grenades). There is but one destination and that is the top. Excuses are sucker bait. You might have Tennessee quickstep, or maybe you’ve got a case of the skitters, it makes no difference. You make it to the top or your cake will turn to dough, at least on this campus.
Of course, I’ll be a suckegg mule if each and every peak isn’t done. People have a way of getting down to brass tacks and climbing the mountains like bats out of hell. Always has been, always will be.
It doesn’t take a rip snorter to join the fun. Any blueberry baby could do it! It’s hog killing weather, the best time to put on the dog and beat the band. What have you got to lose? So have a cup of Arbuckle’s if it makes your senses more keen, and jump on the wagon. I could knock you down for a row of brick houses! Just kidding! From hell to breakfast, we’ll see you there!

Isn’t that great? It may have been a little confusing… but it got me really excited for Peak Weekend. It’s the weekend of the 6th and 7th, and it is going to be great! Look out for emails with more information (as if you need more!). Get excited!

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