28 March 2007

Boot 'N Paddle - March 30, 2007

You didn’t wow your parents over break?
I did.
That’s because before I went home, I did some research on the internet, and I acquired some very interesting material that I was sure would knock my parent’s socks off.
Next time your parents ask you what you’ve been learning at St. Lawrence, rattle off some of these impressive animal facts.

Flying squirrels can’t actually fly!
Beavers have teeth so strong that they can eat through an entire tree!
A Cobra’s poison is so potent that it can kill a person!
Chameleons can change the color of their skin! Eww…
Dogs can hear sounds people can’t!
Caterpillars turn into butterflies!
Birds hate snow!
Dolphins can jump out of the water just like we can jump into the water!
Fish can actually breathe underwater!
A tortoise can, and has, lived longer than a human!
Of all animals, Musk Oxen are most prone to depression!
My cat, Mini, went to live in the humane society!
My parents told me she ran away!
In some countries, people eat frog legs!
Penguins are technically birds!
Baby birds eat their mother’s throw up!
Woodpeckers received their name because of the way they make holes in trees!
They taught a chimpanzee sign language!
Bears are invincible!
Worms are boys and girls…at the same time!
Squirrels spend the fall collecting enough food to last them all winter long!
I really don’t have lice!

Be careful, though. Don’t call up your parents or walk in your front door and start did-you-knowing them. It’s way cooler to wait until the topic comes up…

Mother: Oh, Gern (That’s you)! We saw the cutest thing yesterday! Dad left the car door open while he ran inside to grab his tennis shoes and when he got back, there was a baby squirrel perched on top of the steering wheel. It really looked like the little guy was trying to drive!
Gern: Yeah, that’s funny Mom, but did you know that flying squirrels can’t actually fly?

You nailed it!

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Maxwell Eaton III said...

Chickens can't smell turkeys or crows.