28 March 2007

Boot 'N Paddle - February 9, 2007

Sick of your friends? Me too.
Justin got back with a new haircut that looks absolutely ridiculous, Stacy put the photo of you with Adam on facebook after you told her like five times not to, and Mel won't talk to Morgan anymore so English literature is totally awkward now.
These are fictitious characters that I invented in order to get my point across that sometimes, when it comes to your own self-fulfillment, other human beings simply cannot be held responsible.
I came to this conclusion a year ago after a group of my "friends" and I drove to Vermont for a weekend at the Catamount Spa. Ben wouldn't stop blackberrying his girlfriend (even though mobile-phones are strictly against Catamount Spa policy), Kelly wouldn't stop quoting "Lazy Sunday," and on saturday morning we had to leave an entire day early because Lars developed mild conjunctivitis. Weekend wasted. This is yet another scenario that I created in order to support my point.
If you can't count on friends, what can you count on? Shopping? No, stores close sometimes. What about computers? Computers are fun but can be confusing and demanding. And sudoku is borderline not cool anymore. A realm you may want to explore is one most people have been avoiding for the past couple of weeks, the outdoors. I find myself outside on a day to day basis, sometimes several times a day. But simply being outside doesn't cut it. No, no, it's great to be outside, but try going outdoors, if you know what I mean. No? Do something outside other than calculating the best way to escape the cold and your ex-girlfriend.
It's winter right now, typically a snowy season, and cold, but this isn't an obstacle. Put on the warmest clothing you have (cozy can be substituted for "warm" to give the experience a real winter-wonderland quality, or save cozy for when you get back inside. It's your choice.). Wool is an excellent decision if you don't mind being encrusted with snow after a matter of minutes. Once you're bundled up, walk outside. You may see your breath but don't worry, that's normal. Next it's time to make the change from outside to outdoors. Walk forward like you normally would, but instead of turning at the impending snowbank, keep going. Walk, jump, run, over, on, or through it. Then just see what happens. If you stay in the same place, you're most likely going to get cold, so keep moving! If your not alone, you can play snow tag. Shuffle your feet around to make a complex path system and then play tag restricted to only the path. Snow tag is one of many wintertime recreational activities. Burying people in the snow, a classic. British Bulldog. Clear a small circle and while on your knees, wrestle your oppenent until one is forced out of the circle. Fight the urge to take this game too seriously.
For the aforementioned games you need little besides a couple articles of warm clothing and a playful spirit. While simply romping about a field of snow is one of the most delightful winter pastimes, something must be said about those activities that do require equipment. Try going for a moonlit cross-country ski down the row of elms. Snowshoe nine holes on the golf course. Go skiing. Go snowboarding. Pay attention to your email. While the internet itself is not considered a outdoor activity, it does give you access to OP and OC trip announcements. Don't worry about not having the equipment, the outdoor program has plenty just for you.
So next time you're sitting around listening to Casey talk about the new episode of "Lost," think about the possibilities that await you outside your door. Remember, snowshoeing doesn't make out with your ex-girlfriend. Hiking doesn't start going out with your ex-girlfriend even though you said it wouldn't be cool. Ice climbing doesn't tell all of your other friends the thing I told Amie–– I mean your ex-girlfriend in secrecy. Most importantly, remember that even though Stacy, Lars, and Casey can get a bit tiresome, they are the components that will make a good day out in the snow great.

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